Services For Africa

Two important points to consider:

1: Over 70% of African people only access the internet using mobile devices.

2: At the time of writing, the fastest download speeds average less than 5Mbps and in most countries it’s less than 1Mbps but things are improving in some countries.

We get things right from the start

Our web services for Africa are built from the ground up to cope with slow download speeds. They are probably faster loading than any web service you have ever seen. And as well as PC’s & Macs, they work perfectly on tablets and mobiles. Click here for an example.

Imagination & Innovation

Do you have ideas about something you would like to make happen? We would love to hear from you and help you achieve your goals. Seriously, if it's possible, we can make it happen, so please do not feel constrained by any ideas of what is and isn't possible. From remote monitoring of production lines on the other side of the world, to ways to engage citizens who's only communication is a basic mobile phone with SMS, we have the solutions.

So you see, our web services, whether they are for a business, a government department or a public service, are built for the people who will use the services on the ground.


We help you to be ready for the future